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18VR.com Full Review

My 18VR.com Full Review

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If you are looking for high quality teen VR porn, you are looking at the best site for it. Some of the mega sites have more videos but not many teen vr porn scenes. 100 videos and 100 teen stars already in the library and adding each week, this is the VR site for teen sex.

What are they missing? Well if they could make 2 videos a week, it would be great since I can not get enough of this site. Also teledildonics would be nice too so I would not have to use my hand as much anymore…

I decided to write 18VR review as many people had been asking about this teen vr porn niche site. With barely legal 18 to 20 year old teen girls who are bursting with desire and ready for your wildest fantasies, it is a perfect VR site to view! The perfect bodies of teen age sex desire and the girls are craving cock, and BFFs seeking something on the wild site like threesome with an experienced man. 18VR is part of the BadoinkVR network so be sure to read out full BadoinkVR review also.

18VR.com reviewThe content on this vr site is surprisingly on the harder side of porn vs softcore. Of course the main attraction is the young age and perfect bodies of its teen models but there is more to this site than just that. With about 100 full length teen vr porn videos already made, they are the #1 teen vr porn site in the world. Read the VirtualRealPorn Review too about their teen vr selection.

18VR is filming in 5K so you get the 5K Teen porn in virtual reality experience and that is hard to beat, no matter what you say. With most older men, it is always the desire to attract a younger woman and score the ultimate price of having unadulterated sex with her in every imaginable position. With 18VR that is possible any time.


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Size of 18VR Video Library 4/5 Stars

Total of 100+ full length teenVR porn videos. If you are looking for the best teen vr porn video library by size and content, we have found it. You get access to the most teen VR porn content of any site in the world. We could hardly stop watching these videos! Of course it is not the size of mega site like CzechVR library since 18VR is a niche site but take a look how much teen porn is available with our CzechVR review.

18vr videos review

Frequency of New Videos 4/5 Stars

1 new 5K VR porn video per week. As a niche site, 18VR is not filming 2 scenes a week yet. Since they are part of the big BadoinkVR network, I am sure that the full length 5K 3D VR porn videos of teen girls has a huge audience that soon the demand is going to bump the production to two videos. Well at least I hope so, since this is one of my favorite vr sites in the world! WankzVR review shows how many videos top studios make each week, but then again, that is a mega site.

Type of Content 5/5 Stars

Teen VR porn at its best. If you are a lover of 18-20 year old girls, then this site is it for you. Sweet young girls are at your disposal at any time. The girls are perfect for this site. You do not see older college girls, just pure teen age rush. They do some threesome teen action, anal teen vr sex, blowjobs and more. Many videos go to the hardcore teen sex action side vs tender lovemaking like in Babevr for example.

18VR Content Quality 5/5 Stars

Since 18VR is owned by BadoinkVR, you can be guaranteed that the setup for the video scenes are done well. There is always a nice theme and bit of foreplay before going into the sex part. Take a look at Tiffany Tatum at Penthouse Banging for example. You get a taste of the high life with a nympho teen girlfriend. How about taking a look at Katrin Tequila and Katy Sky in Tag Team sex scene. The theme sets were great along with the story line. You can not go wrong with 2 hot teen blondes fucking your brains out in 3D!

You can choose from tons of different types of teen girls to view. They have redheads, blondes, brunettes, petite teens, big tits teens, asian teen girls and so on. I am sure you can find your favorite teen babe to be your VR sex slave.

18VR.com review

18VR Video Quality 4.5/5 Stars

18VR is filming 5K teen vr porn now just like on their other VR porn network of sites. The 5K does give you the the more immersive feel as long as your VR headset is up for it. When virtual reality videos came to the market, there was no set standard on filming. Best immersive virtual reality experiences are done at the high resolution and BadoinkVR (18VR’s parent site) has been always at the cutting edge in the development of the video technology.

What we know for a fact is that 5K 60fps 3D 180 degrees VR porn videos with binaural sound are the highest quality videos out there right now. If you read the VRBangers review, you get to discover what the highest quality videos are.

VR Porn Star Hotness 5/5

Tell me a guy who would not want to bang a hot teen girl and I show you a liar. These girls are teen VR porn stars in the making. The perfect no fat and silky smooth bodies comes out in the virtual reality videos. As most guys can never score with a hot teen girl like the ones in the videos, this is the next best thing. It will be as real as it will ever get for you.

18vr full review

Teen stars like Darcia Lee and Tera Link or Kartin Tequila will rock your world upside down. The small tits and petite bodies of these teen stars are waiting for you to experience them in 3d! With over 100 teen stars featured already in the site, you are sure to find your next VR girlfriend there.

Ease of web site navigation 4/5 Stars

It is pretty straight forward navigation with 18VR.com. All you have to do it choose between girls or videos type to find the best one for your taste. Simple point and click and you are on your way to the ultimate sex experience with a teen girl.

18VR Technology 4/5

I am using Oculus Go to watch all my vr porn videos and most sites recommend that as the best one too. You can download or stream the videos and even with streaming you get high quality experience. Some sites do not stream well but with 18VR, I had a great experience. Since many videos are long it does fill your vr headset’s memory quite fast so it is better to stream most videos and then just download the best ones that you really like to re-experience.

18vr review

There is no teledildonics yet, so a bit less of a immersive experience but that only matters if you have a high tech sex toy that is compatible anyways. With fast HD streaming and downloads to every type of VR headset, the tech site is always well covered with 18VR.

18VR.com Membership Options 4/5

18R membership options are good since you get to do a one day trial or pay one month membership if you want to just check out the site before getting a long term deal. Best way to do it is to get the trail membership and then cancel and often you get a good rate for a long term deal then, even better that the $7.50 per month for one full year. Also check out some of the 18VR discount deals too. I found a site that has great promo deals for the vr porn sites.

1 Day Trial – $1

1 month membership – $24.95/month

12 month membership – $7.50/month

18 VR Extra Perks 5/5

Since 18VR is part of a huge porn network of Badoink, you get a free access to their 2D video content. They have a huge 2D porn library with over 1000 porn scenes. Currently they do not offer a package bundle deal for the other VR sites BadoinkVR and VRCosplayX, but I am sure that during the special promo times like VR porn Black Friday sale  they may offer that.


There is not much competition in the teen VR porn niche yet. 18VR is really the #1 VR porn site in the world. There are a few other teen sites but their video libraries are not as big and the quality of the sites are much lower anyways so there is no need to look anywhere else.

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