VirtualRealPorn Review – Definitive Guide to VRP Members Site

We finally wrote the most detailed Virtualrealporn review so you know what this amazing site has to offer. VirtualRealPorn was the 1st adult site to offer VR porn videos in the world. VRP has the largest virtual reality porn video library in the world as with over 400+ 3D full length vr porn videos in full length VR porn.

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They are purely a virtual reality porn site with no 2D content but they have multiple niche sites built affiliated with the main site including, gay vr porn, amateur vr porn and trans vr porn, Woman pov vr porn, Japanese VR porn and VRLove sites.

virtualrealporn vr porn studio has been the at the forefront of virtual reality filming technology and still are. They use latest innovations to create fully immersive sexual experiences that trigger all the senses including kinetic touch.

That means that you can use high tech sex toys such as Lovesense or Kiiroo sex toys that are synchronized to mimic the movements of the virtual sex video you are viewing. That makes the vr experience even more immersive than anything else out there.

Virtual Real Porn has also won awards for content and technology over the years and they because of all this they are top level vr porn studio. With years of experience filming in 3D HD VR porn, they now also film 5K 60 fps vr porn. They have used over 200 different VR porn stars to make their stereoscopic VR porn videos so I am sure that you can find the type of woman or a man that you would love to fuck in VR. there is no doubt that this VR studio delivers all the immersive vr sex your heart can handle.

VRP’s 3d video library has every type of VR porn you crave for: VR porn star videos, blonde vr porn, european vr porn, latina vr porn, big tits vr, teen vr porn and so on. With their network of vr porn sites, you can also enjoy gay, amateur and tranny vr porn. You can compare the site with our BadoinkVR Review and decide what is better in your honest opinion.

  • 400+ VR Porn Videos (Jan 2019)
  • 2 New Releases every week
  • Watch Full length vr porn videos streaming with your Smartphone or VR Headset or you can download them for off line too.

VR Porn Top Sites

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Size of their Video Library 5+/5 Stars

400+ Stereoscopic 3D VR porn videos. VRP has massive vr porn library that nobody else can compete with. No other vr site has more videos that them. They started the vr site first in the world and it has its advantages.

virtualrealporn review

Frequency of New Videos 4.5/5 Stars

2 new 5K VR porn videos per week. As they have mastered the vr porn video making, virtual real porn is able to produce 2 high quality full length virtual reality porn videos per week. With 180 degree 5K 3D VR porn videos, you can be sure to get fresh new content often. Let’s see when they can pick up the production to 3 times a week. Take a look at VRBangers review to compare their video release frequency.

Type of Content 5/5

The mega store of VR porn content. Choose from 40+ VR porn categories to find the type of vr sex experience you want. With so many videos in their library, VRP has made every type of main stream video you can think of. Also if you are in the mood for something specific like amateur vr porn or woman’s pov vr porn porn, they have a video for you too. Choose a category, its in their collection: Voyeur VR porn,VR masturbation, girl next door vr, they have it all. When you take a look at the whole network of vr sites they have, you will never run out of fresh vr content, Ever!

Content Quality 4.5/5 Stars

They truly have full length VR porn video scenes. Most sites have 20-30 min videos but not VRP. Looking at the videos, you notice that the length is from 40 min to over one hour! Unless you are looking for a quickie, this is the way to go. You can really get immersed in to the scene. It’s not just vr sex, you get to escape into a whole new world of seduction and sex.

virtualrealporn com video scenes

VRP full length VR porn videos have big variety of themes also, making each video unique also. I think because the site owners did not come from typical porn background, they have more artistic way of making videos that I really like.

When you look at individual video scenes, you get a good idea what type of content you get. You see scene images and the positions the video is filmed so you can easily choose the content that you really would enjoy the best. For example Nerdy Dream vr porn video features amazing latina girlfriend who makes anyone’s cock hard in an instant.

Video Quality 4.5/5 Stars

Just recently VRP has upgraded to filming 5K vr porn videos. In the beginning 2013, the first experiments in filming 3d VR porn were not the best by today;s standards. For example the body distortion was big when the vr porn star leaned in close, but now the video image stays well proportioned no matter what distance the star is in the video. Today VRP makes top quality virtual reality videos in 3D 5k. It is up to your headset to match the quality of the video feed. Only VRBangers does better by 6k vr porn video quality.

VR Porn Star Hotness 4.5/5 Stars is based out of Spain so the vr porn stars they use most of the time are European. If you look at the gigantic list of over 200 vr porn stars you can view, you do not find ton of American women. You can lot of latina VR porn stars, and eastern European porn stars like Kiara Lord. Some of the other top vr porn stars they feature are: Ella Knox VR porn videos, Abella Danger virtual reality porn videos and Blanche Bradburry vr videos.

Virtualrealporn VR porn stars

Since this site is from Europe, you get to see many more different girls in the vr videos compared to the LA based companies that seams so feature all the same stars in multiple sites. Only most of the girls have heavy accent so if you are not into sexy foreign accent then you may want to look somewhere else. One thing is for sure though hot girl who knows how to fuck is the same in every language!

Ease of web site navigation 5/5 Stars

With a paid membership you get access to a huge video library that it could be hard to find the type of vr porn you want to experience. No worries here. They have made the navigation very easy. You can choose from type of vr porn you want: big tits, natural tits, anal, MILF, blonde, brunette, latina, women’s pov and so on. You can also search by porn star name and see all of their videos. One cool feature on the web site is that you can also search by likes, top liked videos tend to be the best experiences for sure!

VR Technology 5+/5 Stars

If you want to look for the best virtual reality sex experience, then is your answer. They have gone the extra mile to create the most immersive vr experience for sex, by stimulating all of your senses, including touch! How is that done you may ask?

It’s called teledildonics. Teledildonics (also known as cyberdildonics) is sex toy technology for remote sex, where touching sensations are communicated through sex toy. They are controlled via Bluetooth and they follow the rhythm and intensity on the action happening in the video. Basically if you have a high tech sex toy like Lovesense, you can sync the sex toy to move according to the movements of the porn star in the video. So if she is pushing in deep on the cock in the video, you can feel the sex toy doing the same on your cock! No more need to jerk off as you can really get the feel of she fucking you like in real life!

virtual real porn sex toys

You need to use their VirtualRealPlayer (simple download) as that is the only way the VR porn videos are coded to be able to sync with the sex toys. You can use Lovesense, Kiiroo or FeelConnect sex toys to sync with the videos. It really is worth it as you get the amazing sexual experience at the lowest cost and you can choose your porn star you wanna fuck.

Just like most top rated VR porn studios, you can download full length vr porn videos to pretty much any vr headset, including: Oculus Go and Google Daydream. We recommend getting the Go for sure, but even most smartphones will do the trick to get started. The headsets for smartphones are really cheap so that should be no problem.

Membership Options 4.5/5 Stars

VirtualRealPorn free full length VR porn videos gives you the perfect opportunity to see if you like what they have to offer. You can check out the free vr porn clips and vr porn trailers that feature some of the sexiest girls all for now cost.

VirtualRealPorn membership offers are great. You can choose either VR porn streaming membership or vr porn download membership.

  • The streaming membership is cheaper and costs from $5 to $10 per month, depending on the length of the deal.
  • If you prefer vr porn download deal, then it is going to cost from $7 to $16 per month.

Payments can be made with Credit/debit card, PayPal, Paysafecard, Clickandbuy, PayGarden, BitPay. The other sites under network have similar pricing also, and I am looking for a deal that could get me all of the sites in one package. Overall the cost of the membership is really affordable and when you look at what you get with it (400 + full length vr porn videos) it is a no brainer to get the deal.

Extra Perks 5/5 Stars

If you do not have a VR headset, then VRP will give you one for free! There is no easier way to get started with VR porn viewing. Also you can not forget that the videos are coded to sync with the sex toys so you get a fully immersive sexual experience any time you want with out paying anything extra.

Competition started in 2013 as the first vr porn studio in the world. They are the first people to walk on the vr porn moon so to speak. With trail and error they have become the #1 mega site of virtual reality porn. With more than 60 best vr porn studios walking on their footsteps, they are still in the lead and not giving up the top spot. Virtual Real Porn knows how to make high quality content and offer it at a low rate vs other sites that have less content, lower quality videos and performers and charge much more for their services.

As the motto of VRP is, if the devil had VR goggles, he would be paying for a membership too! Only other sites that can get in the same starting line as Vrp are BadoinkVR, WankzVR, VRBangers and maybe CheczhVR (all of their vr sites together).You can read full reviews of those sites here too.

Pros and Cons

When we look at and what it offers, we noticed that they do everything really well. There is no obvious soft sport for this studio. With 400 + 3D VR Porn videos and counting, interactive sex toy syncing, amazing VR porn stars in the videos, low cost membership deals and to top it off with quality customer service what else can you ask for? Free VR porn videos? You can even download free full length 3D sex videos on their site. Come up with something you do not like and we are sure to mention it here. They are one of the top VR porn studios for a long time.

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