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Our BadoinkVR Review is a full in depth look at the truly best rated VR porn site in the world. The company has been making HD porn for over 10 years and in 2015 they expanded to VR porn and now is their flagship product. It has won all the top awards from AVN to XBIZ as the VR Porn site of the year and more to come again this year. The high quality videos of this VR porn studio shows up in each and every category we ranked the sites in.

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BadoinkVR ReviewBadoink VR is the leader in virtual reality video production and technology. They have set the standard for other sites to follow. With huge 4K VR porn video library and now with filming with 5K vr porn videos in production and soon 6K VR porn, there is no doubt that this VR studio delivers all the immersive vr sex your heart can handle. Compare that this site has to offer VS our VirtualRealPorn Review.

Their VR library has every type of mainstream VR porn you want to watch: Teen VR porn videos, big tits VR porn, lesbian VR porn, VR blowjobs, and so on, even few BDSM VR porn videos are in their library. On top of all that you get full access to their 2D porn site as a bonus.

  • 280+ VR Porn Videos (Jan 2019)
  • 2 New Releases every week
  • Immediate streaming with your Smartphone
  • Unlimited Downloads compatible with all major VR Devices: Oculus, Vive, Gear VR, PSVR, Daydream and all Smartphones

BadoinkVR Full Review

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BadoinkVR Full Detail Review

Size of their Video Library     5/5

BadoinkVR Video library

BadoinkVR Video library

280+ 3D VR porn videos. Jan Since 2015 BadoinkVR has been producing 3D virtual reality porn videos and it shows. The content size is huge! Compare it to the VRbangers Review and see how many videos they have released so far.

Frequency of New Videos    4.5/5

2 new 5K VR porn videos per week. Originally they made one video per week but for a long time now they have been making producing 2 full length 5K 3D VR porn videos a week. Only the biggest companies are able to do that. If they made 3 videos per week, it would be 5/5 stars!! Well nobody else is making any more than these guys so they are the best still.

BaDoinkVR Content Type      5/5

Badoink VR porn categories

Badoink VR porn categories

Best Mainstream VR porn content bar none. You have 35+ different VR porn categories to choose from. It does not matter if you like big tits vr porn where you feel like those big boobs are hitting you in the face, or anal vr porn where you get your dick in the anus rammed hard, you will finish the full vr sex video satisfied. If you can think of a mainstream porn category, they have it: Small tits, ebony, MILF, Latina, Lesbian, blowjob, redhead, even BDSM VR porn videos. Only thing I would enjoy more is if they had more amateur girls next door vr porn videos but that’s just my preference.

Content Quality                5/5

The vr porn scenes are filmed always with a theme. That is one thing I really like. Theme like stepmom seduction in VR with Christie Stevens, or stepsister VR porn video with Megan Rain that most people really like now. The story lines are cool and you get really immersed in the video scene. Especially with 5K filming and streaming in high quality, it really got into the scenes.

How about having thanksgiving with Nicole Aniston? That scene is amazing. Or how about Closing the deal with MILF VR Porn star Reagan Foxx. With almost every type of VR porn scene imaginable you can put yourself in the mood that you really like. One great thing is that with BadoinkVR, you can suggest what type of videos you like and also rate and comment about the videos so they know what the members want to see more of.

BadoinkVR Video Quality           4.5/5

5K VR Porn videos5K VR porn scenes are here. When virtual reality videos came to the market, there was no set standard on filming. Everyone was trying to figure out how to produce the best immersive virtual reality experiences and BadoinkVR has been always at the cutting edge in the development of the video technology.

In recent interview Tood Glider, the CEO of BadoinkVR keeps their vr porn video production a trade secret as they want to make sure they keep the competitive advantage over other VR studios on how to make the most immersive virtual sexual experiences that hit all the senses. What we know for a fact is that they film in 5K 60fps 3D 180 degrees VR porn videos with binaural sound. Only thing that is missing is 6K that Vrbangers are using now.

VR Porn Star Hotness     5/5

As most people who like watching porn videos, you know who the mainstream porn stars are. Now there is a new category, VR porn stars. The skill and hotness that comes out in a virtual reality video is a bit different and more intimate, more like girlfriend fucking experience. It can be almost as real as the real sex when the VR porn star gets into it.

top vr porn stars

BadoinkVR has recruited the top vr porn stars to feature in their videos. With such a list of talent like Nicole Aniston VR porn videos, Adriana Chechick virtual reality porn, Katrina Jade and Valentia Nappi VR porn, the amazing collection of hot actresses just keeps growing. Without forgetting Bradi Love and Riley Reid who are absolutely amazing in their videos, the talent level and hotness level is off the charts! No complaints here!

Ease of  Site Navigation     5/5

As a member, you have many easy ways to find the type of vr porn you are looking for. You can search by video type category. they have like 38 different categories: big tits, small tits, anal, MILF, redhead, brunette, latina, lesbian and so on. It’s all point and click, very straight forward. Also you can search by name of the vr porn star. One great feature they have is that members can rate the videos and you can sort by the member ratings also. Videos that get over 9.0 are a must see vr porn for sure! Also the members can comment about the videos and that way you can get a better idea how others have likes each vr porn scene.

VR Technology used by BadoinkVR      5/5

vr porn download optionsI have used all types of VR headsets to view their 3D porn videos. I started out with a Cardboard porn action using my smart phone, but I soon realized I had not enough memory and power to run the videos smoothly and the screen pixel rate was very low also on my phone. I soon moved on to a Daydream View porn with a better smartphone. I was was a lot more immersed but now I am using Oculus Go porn downloads and streaming from BadoinkVR and that is the way to go in my opinion. No matter what headset you are using. BadoinkVR has all mainstream vr headset download options for you and that way you get the best experience possible.

First I was downloading everything as my streaming was not as good, but it’s all up to your vr headset and internet speed. From Badoink’s side the streaming to a smartphone or a headset is superb. I am now exclusively just streaming the videos in HQ and the video is the same quality as if I downloaded it. If you keep downloading all the videos, your phone or headset memory can get full quick as there are just so many hot vr porn scenes to view! They actually made a free vr porn video streaming app to watch the videos on your smartphone. Also they have easy step by step guide how to watch their videos on every type of headset.

Badoink VR Membership Options    5/5

Some porn sites try to get your money so bad that the experience becomes bad. BadoinkVR offers a great one day trial so that you can get a brief experience to the wonderful world of VR porn at a minimal cost. As it is only $1 for the trial, you can see what all the craze is about. Then it’s your option to join for a regular membership or not.

The basic month to month membership costs $19.95 to $24.95 depending on the promotion period. You can also pay for a full one year membership and save money that way as the cost per month drops to 5.95 to 7.95 per month that way. If you do not have vr goggles, they even send you a pair for free!! If you are not sure about what VR porn site is the best one for you, take a look at RealVR. You get access to the top 20 vr porn sites in the world (including BadoinkVR) and see their top VR porn scenes with 4 Videos added a week at 1 low price. It’s one fee to get 20 sites! Not a bad deal.

Extra Perks     5/5

Many VR porn studios are new in the world of porn and they do not offer any other perks. BadoinkVR has been in business for over 10 years so they have a huge 2D porn library as well and you get full free access to that content without any other costs.

As BadoinkVR is their #1 site, they have expanded to some niche VR porn also. You can checkout hot cosplay porn in VR with CosplaypornX, or if you prefer pure teen vr porn, take a look at 18VR. Their new additions are TransVR for tranny VR porn, and for the more extreme BDSM VR porn with KinkVR in their network of VR sites. You can get a discount to join the other sites. Also they have a more intimate BabeVR that is more like girlfriend experience and if you are not sure what site to get a membership with, you can go with RealVR.

How Does BadoinkVR Match Up with Competition

VR porn is less than 5 years old and there are over 60 vr porn studios making all kinds of virtual reality porn videos with every type of theme imaginable. As BadoinkVR has been there from the beginning, they do have the edge over all the competition. They have won all the awards in all the major vr porn categories multiple times.

BAVR Member Review

There are not many sites that could even wrestle in the same class with them. We can look at VirtualRealPorn, WankzVR, VRBangers and maybe CzechVR (all of their vr sites together) in the same top quality category as them. You can read their full reviews and see how what we thought about them.

Each site has maybe one or two categories that they may be a bit ahead of BAVR but when you put it all together in a full package, there is not site that can stand above this vr porno site.

Pros and Cons of BaVR

When we look at the overall package that BadoinkVR offers, there is no better vr porn site out there. Their video library is huge (300+ 3D VR videos), the hot talent that are starring in the videos is top notch, They video quality from scene set up to the actual technical nitty gritty is on the cutting edge all the time and keeps improving. What else can you ask for? Free? Well they do even offer some free full length VR porn videos that you can download!

What not to like? Well if you are really picky, they use 5K vs VR Bangers 6K, but it’s up to your vr headset pixel rate to bring that up if it can. What else? WankzVR has produced some of the top VR porn scenes that have won best VR scene awards. Well BadoinkVR also features same starlets in their videos. If you can come up with some other reason, please let us know. This site is the TOP VR porn site in the world.

Top Rated VR Porn Site

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Member Comments about BadoinkVR:

member comment about BadoinkVR

  • “Finally someone produces real videos of VR porn for the Oculus Go! It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen, I recommend it.”
  • “Holy shit!! These videos makes me feel like in another place! The girls are wonderful, I could almost touch their skin!”

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