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Our SexbabesVR review is the official in depth review of this hot European virtual reality porn site. Sex Babes VR jumped into the virtual reality craze in 2016 and is purely a top VR porn site. As they only focus on virtual reality porn videos, you can see that the efforts have paid off. Just like most other newer VR sites, it took them some time to master the production of HD vr porn scenes, but as you can see from the recent videos, they are doing an awesome job.

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sex babes VR reviewSince the early days, SexbabesVR has added tons of new full length 3D porn videos, most of them in the mainstream porn category. Since they are also based in Europe, many of the sexy babes featured in the videos are European but the mix is nice. From hot teens to soccer moms to big tits blondes and so on. There is variety for everyone especially since they have over 115 girls featured in over 250 full vr porn video scenes.


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Size of SEXBABESVR Video Library 4/5 Stars

Total of 220+ 3D VR porn videos. Now they are not the huge mega store for VR porn but with over 220 HD 3D Stereoscopic vr porn scenes, you will not run out of content to view. For a single VR porn site that is still impressive. Check out CzechVR review and see how many videos they have.

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Frequency of New Videos 4.5/5 Stars

2 new 5K VR porn videos per week. It almost seams like a race to the top in VR porn. If someone starts making 3 videos a week then all the other VR porn sites have to step up their game to match the competition. Just like we mention in our BadoinkVR review and VirtualRealPorn Review most sites produce 2 new full length features per week. For the vr porn viewers, that is great since the more content there is, the better the selection and variety that is offered.

Type of Content 4/5 Stars

Top European VR porn. As a 3D vr porn only studio, SexBabesVR is making high quality mainstream VR porn. They do not specialize in any niche in particular and that is a good thing since the videos are awesome to view and you can really get immersed in the scenes. With great variety of big tits, small tits, blonde, brunette, redhead and many more types of girls in the videos, SBVR delivers what it promises, a ton of mainstream full vr porn videos.

Sex Babes VR Content Quality 4.5/5 Stars

As SexbabesVR made their first videos late 2016, they have been in the business for less than 3 years. I think they saw that some of the other studios were not making the best porn in VR so they stepped up the game by learning from others and really make nice top rated VR porn.

Featuring hot European sex babes of all ages, their videos are well setup, with small different theme in every video. that get you fully immersed in hot action that you can relate to.

I am not looking for Oscars award acting but I do like a good storyline as I want to immerse myself in the situation and feel like it is really happening to me. Sexbabesvr does that for me and more. Now they have not won any awards yet since we showed in WankzVR review how that site is raking up the awards for now.

SB VR Video Quality 4/5 Stars

Just like most VR porn sites, the past 2 years has been trial and error on how to best achieve the virtual sex experience with technology currently available. In the past 2 years the videos have gone from 4K to 5K and are currently filming with Ultra high def 5K 60 fps video that gives you the ultra-immersive experience in vr sex. Of course the videos are binaural sound that is the industry standard too. We mentioned in VRBangers review how they are the leader in video quality with 6K videos, but the rest of the sites are turning out 5K or 4K videos.

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VR Porn Star Hotness 4.5/5

Since SexbabesVR is European, you can see the top VR stars from Europe performing. You pick up on the girls accent and for some it can be a turn on or a turn off, depending what your preference is. No matter what the girls are super hot and during sex, great fucking is great fucking in any language.

VR porn stars like Katrin Tequila, Tera Link and Alexis Crystal are starring in some of the videos but majority of the stars in the videos are unknown in the adult industry. For me that is a good thing since I prefer to watch new faces compared to just same girl featured in every porn site in the world. The girls are super hot and there are many ages and body types, not just the typical 23 year old hot body babe but teen ager and MILFs are there too.

Ease of web site navigation 4/5 Stars

SexbabeVR navigation panel is easy to use. Just search by video type of by female star name and you get a list of videos that match your search. One cool feature is the porn stars bio page, where you get to see their age, nationality and measurements.

When searching for videos, you can go by newest first or by highest rated vidoes first and you can also rate the videos by giving it a thumbs up.

SexBabesVR Technology 4/5

SexbabesVR offers videos for every type of VR headset: Oculus Rift and Go, HTC Vive, GearVR, Daydream, PlayStation VR, and all smartphones. They recommend to use DEOVR app to easily view the videos. I personally did not use that app. With my Oculus GO I simply streamed the videos and it came out very clean and sharp image.

This site is a good at adapting technology as it comes available. Also they have easy step by step guide how to watch their videos on every type of headset.

SB VR Membership Options 3.5/5

Sexbabes VR membership options are good, with variety to choose from. Only thing missing is one day trial so you get better idea what is available in the members section. The prices are not bad at all for the quality and amount of videos they have.

  • 1 month membership – $14.95/month
  • 3 month membership – $12.33/month
  • 12 month membership – $8.33/month


SEXBABESVR discount membership deals

SexBabes VR Extra Perks 1/5

SexbabesVR is a pure VR porn site with no old school 2D videos from older sites. Now they have a few other sites in their network but so far they have not offered any bundles where you get more sites for one price yet. The other sites are niche sites: and if you want to check them out. If you are looking for some cool niche sites read the review about this amazing site.


The race to the top of VR porn world is going on and I must say that BexbabesVR is doing a good job keeping up in the race. They are not the leader but they are staying right up the pace with top sites like BadoinkVR and VRBangers. One good thing is that the videos are really high quality vs other sites and the casting is great with super sexy talent. As time goes by I am sure that they are going to start winning some awards also.

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Pros and Cons of

SexbabesVR has all the main stream virtual reality porn you want. Their video library is not the the biggest in the world (220+ 3D vr videos as of writing), so you will never run out or content to view as they add 2 new videos per week. Watching 5K VR porn from SBVR is a pleasure. The immersive experience shows up well in the videos like Georgie Lyall‘s video Cum Covered Tits.

They are not the top VR porn site in the world, but in honest opinion they are easily top 10 vr porn site in the world. Hopefully they add more American girls so I do get the good taste of the USA pussy also in VR.

Member Review of

“SexBabesVR is by far the best site out there for my personal taste – for their great cast, and mostly because they focus on proper hardcore action with great angles!”

by Tacotacito from Reddit

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